Our Programs

Vets 4 Success offers the following programs to meet our mission and provide support to our military Veterans:


Employment Training

Vets 4 Success helps unemployed military Veterans and their families by providing job opportunities, training, work experience, and employment support


Within our employment program, Vets 4 Success is committed to developing, monitoring, and testing employees in the following areas: work ethics, strengths, skills, and abilities. The Program Director oversees a range of employment policy and program initiatives aimed at improving labor force participation.


Vets 4 Success provides support and labor market transitions for unemployed / underemployed military Veterans and their families facing barriers to employment.


Care Package Distribution

Vets 4 Success provides additional support to military Veterans and their families in the form of our care package distribution program. Within our program, we are able to provide military Veterans in severe need with essential items such as clothing, toiletries, and other essential items.


Veterans that qualify for our program must provide sufficient identification and fill out our care package distribution form. As an added benefit, once they are updated within our system, the Veterans are qualified for additional programs offered by Vets 4 Success.


On specific occasions, Vets 4 Success has donated home furnishings to military Veteran specific non-profit organizations.


Special Aid to Veterans in Need

On occasion Vets 4 Success has been able to lend aid to Veterans in extreme need. These situations are evaluated on a case by case basis and are dependent on available funds. Please email support@vets4success.org for additional information.